10 Best Smart Grid Solution Providers - 2017
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10 Best Smart Grid Solution Providers - 2017

Back in the 90s when Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) created a wave of revolution in the energy sector, no one could fathom the possibility of that technology creating a domino effect in utilities. AMI came into the picture after an impending need for better grid management and protection against demand surges, and even today, are sending minute details of power consumption to utilities in a process now known as ‘power line communication’. The concept of having a smart grid came about after these early technology innovations and the rest is history.

The communication has become two-way of course, with consumer engagement entering the scene and utilities delivering personalized content to their customers on a regular basis. The content ranges from actionable information to alerts and high bill warnings, visualizations of their usage patterns, and so on.

Smart grid solutions today generally specialize towards enhancing veracity of data supplied to utilities from various points on the grid, incorporating energy efficiency players like the solar industry and electric vehicles. Smart grid platforms offer an unprecedented level of visibility into operations and complete control over various aspects of grid performance, driven by consumer behavior and usage patterns powered by artificial intelligence.

In the past few months, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs and analysts, along with Energy CIO Insight’s editorial board reviewed and shortlisted the top companies who are leading the smart grid initiative market. In this edition of Energy CIO Insights, we present to you “10 Best Smart Grid Solution Providers 2017”, featuring the companies that deliver cutting edge technology to redefine grid operations and management.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Aclara Offers meters and edge devices, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), headend and consumer engagement software, installation services and provision of labor
GridX Provides big data billing, settlement and billing analytics software for the energy industry
IncSys Provides training and customized simulation models for power operator training, on a SaaS basis
Landis+Gyr Provides meters and solutions empower utilities and end-customers around the world to improve their energy efficiency, reduce their energy costs and contribute to a sustainable use of resources
OSI Offers a secure, high performance platform designed to process and analyze millions of data points in real-time from all levels of the electrical power supply chain, whether it's generation or consumption
PowerData Provides a comprehensive platform for Real- Time Control and Simulation focused on electric power
Sensus Delivers a wide range of software and hardware solutions and engages in designing metering and automatic meter reading solutions for utilities
Tantalus Delivers a powerful and comprehensive suite of Internet of Things networking solutions for critical infrastructure of smart utility and smart grid initiatives
Tendril Tendril delivers solutions to utilities for smarter grid management and enhanced consumer engagement capabilities
Trilliant Provides two-way communications platform and solutions between distribution and consumption end and the head-end of utility grids