Delta Energy and Communications: A Cost-Effective Smart Grid Solution to Harness Data

Delta Energy and Communications: A Cost-Effective Smart Grid Solution to Harness Data

Scott Foster, Founder & President, Delta energy and communicationsScott Foster, Founder & President
Utility companies are keen to analyze the massive datasets that exist within their networks. However, in order to implement effective smart grid systems, enterprises will have to harbor the required capital as well as determine financial models that can be put in place to defray potentially high initial costs. Meanwhile, moving the utilities data from one system to another, using conventional methods, is difficult and expensive. In addition, differences in data formats and measurements make it challenging to combine data from different systems, which is subject to cost increments. “Today’s ‘smart grid’ is not truly a smart grid, but simply smart(er) metering,” propounds Scott Foster, Founder & President of Delta Energy & Communications. According to Foster, the components that make the grid smarter are the networking capabilities, digital controls, distributed intelligence, and smarter failure avoidance strategies. These components derive most of their value by producing data for utilities. “What lacks in the industry is a tangible method for interpreting and understanding this data and a truly meaningful way to process it,” reasons Foster.

Headquartered in Murrieta, CA, Delta has gained plaudits for providing cost-effective smart grid energy solutions for electric, gas, and water utilities. “Our Software-as- a-Service (SaaS) based solution provides unprecedented insights into the distribution system by correlating, analyzing, and visualizing varied, multi-system data sources on one map of the utility network,” explains Foster. Delta’s Smart Grid Network (DSGN™) organizes the unstructured data flowing through utilities’ networks, so that they can turn asset performance ambiguity into system efficiency enhancement, predictive cost forecasting, and enhanced revenue obtainment.

The network comprises the DataSCAPE™ analytics platform,

DataVINE™ metering infrastructure, and HyperSprout™ network module. An important feature of the DSGN™ is Delta’s DataSCAPE™, a data simplification software that delivers prediction and identification capabilities. “Delta’s DataSCAPE™ assists in reducing system costs, increasing operational efficiency, and enhancing utility revenue,” says Foster. Delta creates interfaces and deploys business-centric algorithms that tie all the data together, simplifying the analytics for the customer.

The company’s hardware and software solutions also help unclutter infrastructures that have multiple cloud structures and communication protocols that can sort out vast quantities of data into market appropriate verticals. With over 245 years of combined experience, the company delivers operational efficiency and reliability for every utility asset. “We recognize utilities are more than ‘just an entity’ but an extension of our customers’ communities,” adds Foster. By extending access to power through infrastructure, Delta educates individuals and communities to leverage the utilities to its fullest, while supporting the establishment and growth of small and medium sized enterprises. Delta also dedicates a percentage of its revenue to meet the most pressing needs of the consumers through their clients, whether it’s electrification, renewables, or fossil fuels. “This is the core tenet of our company, which we refer to as ‘Delta Squared,’” remarks Foster. By staying ahead of competitors, Delta has built an intellectual property pipeline that is adaptable with upcoming technologies.

We provide unprecedented insights into the distribution system by correlating, analyzing, and visualizing varied, multisystem data sources on one map of the utility network

For the days ahead, Delta is designing an innovation framework to drive technological advancements. “Our innovation activity starts with the strategy, ‘think big, start small, and move fast’ and ends with ‘what if.’ We also have several exciting things in the pipeline. So stay tuned!” concludes Foster.