Top 10 Smart Grid Solution Companies - 2018
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Top 10 Smart Grid Solution Companies - 2018

Global cities and nations are relentlessly becoming technologically advanced, and electrical energy is one of the major driving forces underpinning this progress. In the wake of this development, electricity consumption is rising to levels that require efficient management. Smart grid is the answer to sustainable technologies like distributed generation and microgrids. Using various innovative technologies, smart grids are effectively addressing demand responses and grid optimization, while reducing the count of affected user in case of faults. Without a doubt, smart grid platforms have made consumer-supplier two-way communication the order of the day. A paradigm where consumers get direct access to personalized content such as actionable information related to alerts, high electricity bill warnings, and visualizations of their usage patterns, on a regular basis. Smart grids are also making use of new age techniques to help utilities maintain transparency, and improve reliability and availability of the power system. Driven by advanced metering infrastructure, smart metering is strengthening bi-directional data transfer and sustained reduction in the environmental effects.

Smart grids are proving to be the catalysts for reliable energy supply to critical loads, while providing easy integration with existing grid system. Coming to light as the exporter of real power and reactive power, they are the major support to main grids. That said, there are a multitude of technology vendors in the market that are helping the global energy industry to reap the benefits of smart grids. In the past few months, a distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, and analysts, along with Energy CIO Insights’ editorial board has reviewed and shortlisted top companies who are leading the smart grid market. This edition of Energy CIO Insights presents you “Top 10 Smart Grid Solution Providers – 2018,” featuring the companies that deliver cutting edge technology to redefine grid operations and management.

    Top Smart Grid Companies

  • Automatically reduce electricity spend by intelligently optimizing demand charges

  • A software and hardware solutions provider, that helps customers integrate residential energy storage with solar and proactively manages home loads

  • Building smart metering systems, which are integral to reducing costs and improving efficiency

  • Advanced Microgrid

    Advanced Microgrid

    An energy platform and services company that designs, develops, optimizes, and monetizes energy assets

  • AutoGrid


    Provides suite of Energy Internet applications that allow utilities, electricity retailers, renewable energy project developers, and energy service providers to deliver clean, affordable, and reliable energy in a distributed energy world

  • Enbala


    Provides solutions from demand management to real-time grid services to businesses for grid balance business needs

  • energyIQ


    Specializes in designing, implementing, and maintaining state-of-the-art control solutions for BMS, microgrids, process control, distributed generation, and utility interface

  • Grid4C


    Develops AI and Machine Learning solutions to extract maximum business value out of smart meters and IoT data

  • Primus Power

    Primus Power

    Offers long-duration, fade-free energy storage solutions for the smart grid



    Provides a centralized platform to collect data and analyze the efficiency of small-scale electrical networks