Itron: IoT Platform for Seamless Smart Grid Operations

Itron: IoT Platform for Seamless Smart Grid Operations

CIO VendorPhilip Mezey, President and CEO
The smart grid is a convergence of technologies — smart meters, grid sensors control devices, distributed generation, energy storage, and consumer apps — working together to enable efficient management of the power supply and demand. “The smart grid is revolutionizing the existing electrical grid to improve efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of the generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical power,” says Philip Mezey, President and CEO, Itron. However, issues associated with rising demand for electricity, increasing legislation, and consumer engagement and management must be addressed before full benefits of the smart grid can be achieved. “Additionally, how to capitalize on the use of network resources and effective use of power is the primary consideration while designing the smart grids,” illustrates Mezey. By combining high-end metering, advanced communications, and innovative software tools, Liberty Lake, WA based Itron is helping utilities and consumers to meet the significant challenges faced in managing energy resources.

The company’s flagship offering, Active Grid – a smart grid technology, provides the measurement, sense communications and analytic capabilities to ensure a more reliable, efficient and resourceful energy future. The Active Grid architecture is supported by an IoT- distributed intelligence platform to support innovative solutions that are essential to carry out smart grid operations. “Active Grid’s high-performance multiple communications, technologies integrated into the same device that delivers connectivity at a high speed under single, unified, enterprise-class network architecture,” explains Mezey.

To provide a cost-effective way to streamline Active Grid operations, the company provides innovative metering solutions for evolving smart grid applications. Built upon industry standards, Itron’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) solutions offer higher functionality for advanced metering and smart grid applications. Featuring two-way communications down to the meter, Itron’s AMI network solutions collect, deliver, manage and analyze data more frequently, which in turn helps in proactive management of customers and resources. Furthermore, the company also offers high quality instrumentation transformers to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the electricity network.

Additionally, how to capitalize on the use of network resources and effective use of power is the primary consideration while designing the smart grids

Itron’s smart grid capabilities deliver distinctive value to the utility customers by transforming business processes, making the grid more reliable and efficient, thus, improving the customer experience, and integrating distributed energy resources. For instance, one of the company’s clients in South Pacific utilized Itron smart grid technology to manage and maintain their network and energy supply. Itron's smart meter data management, collection engine and reporting software helped the client in monitoring and managing the integration of renewable energy into the electric grid, ensuring grid reliability and energy security. Itron also provided them with managed services for overall system management and maintenance of Itron's cloud-based services for data collection. “By implementing our modernized and intelligent network, the client was able to manage their electricity supply while protecting revenues and reducing losses,” delineates Mezey.

Having constructed a robust foundation in the Energy landscape, Itron continues to instill excellence by investing in products, programs and organizations that focus on sustainable resources and community development. “We encourage and enable sustainability by designing solutions that empower our customers to responsibly manage and conserve the world’s energy resources,” says Mezey.

Itron is a global company and a trusted partner to the utility industry and has transformed the way utilities manage their resources, streamline operations and serve their customers. With thousands of employees supporting nearly 8,000 customers in more than 100 countries, Itron believes in building customer value. “We listen to customers, understand their challenges and strategies, and ensure quality and reliability in our products, systems and services,” concludes Mezey.