Landis+Gyr: Boosting Energy Efficiency with Smart Electricity

Landis+Gyr: Boosting Energy Efficiency with Smart Electricity

CIO VendorAndreas Umbach, President and CEO
In this fast growing technological era, Utility industry is developing new business strategy for achieving greater customer satisfaction and environmental controls. Leading utility enterprises are constantly looking for advanced solutions to boost energy efficiency and contribute in the sustainable use of natural resources. Global provider of integrated energy management products, Landis+Gyr offers ‘Smart’ meters and solutions to enables more efficient and reliable distribution of power. “Our meters and solutions empower utilities and end-customers to improve their energy efficiency, reduce costs and support the viable use of resources,” articulates Andreas Umbach, President and CEO of Landis+Gyr.

Landis+Gyr help utility companies to monitor and manage energy usage and reduce environmental footprint with the unique products and solutions for the social benefit. Landis+Gyr’s smart grid solutions have transformed the way of monitoring the traditional electricity grids. With the help of intelligent meters and distribution devices, the utility companies can monitor the grids, report information and deliver remote access to control a variety of important functions on a daily basis. This dynamic solution includes various gridstream applications that help utilities around the world, such as - Advanced metering, demand response, distribution automation, outage management, prepayment of service and personal energy management. “Our technology infrastructure helps the utility service providers to promote energy efficiency, provide dynamic pricing options, improve reliability of services and reduce costs,” shares Umbach.

The company has developed various grid meters, robust communication networks and grid management components that deliver the interoperability and cross-functional capabilities necessary for today's smart grid networks.

Apart from the solutions, Landis+Gyr additionally offers expert support for reducing smart grid project risk and cost, while meeting unique utility requirements.

With PMP, ITIL and ISO certification and extensive experience in serving the utility industry, Landis+Gyr efficiently executes the entire smart grid project - from planning throughout the validation process. With operation in 30 countries, Landis+Gyr have helped numerous companies across the globe. An example of this is Stedin, Dutch network operator and long term customer of Landis+Gyr. The customer was facing challenges in updating their legacy street lighting technology for better operation and energy efficiency. So Landis+Gyr and Stedin have got into partnership for implementing an advanced lighting solution that provides real measurement of consumption and enables optimized switching and dimming of the lights. The company installed S650 Smart Grid Terminals in every distribution transformer stations. The integrated solution delivered accurate, reliable information on the power consumption of the street lights and improved awareness. In a nutshell it enabled Stedin to provide improved service and less energy consumption.

Our technology infrastructure help the utility promote energy efficiency, provide dynamic pricing options, improve reliability of services and reduce costs

Recently Landis+Gyr have released an updated version of their Grid stream Meter Data Management System (MDMS). It includes new data storage architecture, improved performance of on-demand commands and enhanced user interface. In addition, the company sees major opportunity of growth in the Asia Pacific, particularly in India. Recently Landis+Gyr have secured majored contracts from West Bengal State Electricity Distribution and Bangalore Electricity Supply Company for bringing smart grid technology in the utility sector. “We have partnered with India Government for the foundation of 10 smart cities that delivers reliable electricity,” reveals Ellie Doyle, Executive VP of Asia Pacific at Landis+Gyr. “With the use of smart grids or smart metering we can bring reliability and sustainability in the power supply in India,” she concludes.