Silver Spring Networks: Modernizing Power Grid with Networking Technologies

Silver Spring Networks: Modernizing Power Grid with Networking Technologies

CIO VendorMichael Bell, President, CEO
According to the U.S. Department of Energy, today's electricity system is 99.97 percent reliable. However, due to the rising population and rapid economic growth, the demand for energy has increased resulting in power outages and interruptions that cost Americans at least $150 billion each year. This matter of contention has raised the question of Energy efficiency which has surged the need of smart grids. Given the reason utility providers are more focused to provide cleaner and cheap energy, and smarter energy storage. With the evolution ballasting its pace, the Redwood City, CA based Silver Spring Networks is spearheading this momentum to modernize and fulfill today’s power grid needs.

Silver Spring’s powerful Smart Energy Platform enables utilities and cities to improve energy efficiencies, enhance services and reduce costs. The company delivers a powerful and comprehensive suite of Critical Infrastructure Networking solution, through an open, standards-based IPv6 network that integrates and connects all of utilities or city’s infrastructure, software and services. Silver Spring platform supports all third-party devices, so utilities can select and confidently use their energy products they want. “By connecting homes and businesses directly with their local utility, we help everyone manage and integrate renewable energy sources better, bringing greater energy efficiency to the planet and our world – brilliantly,” says Michael Bell, President and CEO, Silver Spring Networks. The IPv6 Platform enables utilities to support multiple smart grid applications on common infrastructure. Additionally, the Silver Spring UtilityIQ suite includes utility applications for smart grid initiatives as well as network administration software for configuring, upgrading, and managing the smart utility network.

Hence, the company has launched and operated its Energy Platform for utilities large and small, investor-owned and public power, in the U.S and across the world.

“Our secure IPv6 network solutions has delivered over 20 million Silver Spring-enabled devices, which our utility partners rely on, in concert with our software and services, to improve energy management and efficiency,” explains Bell. For instance, Guelph Hydro a sustainable energy producing company dealt with the government mandates for energy reduction and rollout of time-of-use pricing. The company wanted to exceed the requirements, and needed a smart grid infrastructure that would support Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) and achieve its criteria to modernize its energy network. Guelph Hydro also wanted the platform to support hardware and software from a variety of smart grid providers – to avoid being locked into a proprietary solution and to ensure compatibility with existing devices and applications. Silver Spring’s IPv6 network gave them an open, standards-based platform fully interoperable with third-party products and services. In field testing of the AMI, the utility was “blown away” by the speed of the network. Silver Spring’s advanced metering technology enabled Guelph to gather more than 98 percent of its meter data in less than an hour and a half.

Our vision is to create a world where everything is connected and networked

“Our success can be attributed to three essential elements – the vision, persistence, and dedication of our employees; the relationships we have with our customers and partners; and innovation,” stresses Bell.
Over a decade ago, Silver Spring helped various energy organizations achieve better grid reliability and service. Today the company is bringing the multi-application IPv6 platforms to cities to overcome some of their biggest challenges – whether it’s healthy and safety, economic, efficiency and reliability, or energy and sustainability focused. “Our vision is to create a world where everything is connected and networked,” concludes Bell.